Spring is coming, but winter still has 'a little bit of bite left'!

Despite unusually warm temperatures in parts of the country, a forecaster says bouts of late winter weather are expected for many through March, with more springlike temperatures to arrive by May.

Chris Scott says The Weather Network spring forecast calls for Canadians to expect more storms before the wintry weather ends.

The chief meteorologist at The Weather Network, says the clash between warm weather coming up from the south and the fairly typical cold of Northern Canada will cause snow in March and rain in April and May.

He says that means residents of Western Canada have great conditions for skiing, people who live along Manitoba's Red River Basin should watch out for flooding and those in southern Ontario should keep their snow tires on.

Residents in Quebec, the Atlantic provinces, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut can expect near normal temperatures and precipitation this spring.
Scott says it's a continuation of one of the strangest Canadian winters on record.