St. F.X. women's basketball coach suspended after player injured during practice

The coach of the St. Francis Xavier University women's basketball team remains suspended as the school's athletics department investigates an alleged disciplinary incident that injured a player last week.

Lee Anna Osei will miss a second straight weekend of games as her team hosts Memorial University on Saturday and Sunday in Antigonish.

Leo MacPherson, St. F.X.'s director of athletics, says the player suffered injuries after an incident during a practice that left abrasions and swelling similar to what someone would get from coming in contact with a hardwood floor.

MacPherson says he has spoken to Osei, the player and the team, as part of the investigation which could be concluded "within a few days.''

He says the player has since returned to the team and is expected to play against Memorial.

MacPherson says the school's first area of concern is for its student athletes, adding that it wants to ensure activities are conducted as safely as possible.