Stanfield's Ltd. announces leadership changes

The President and CEO of Stanfield’s Limited has announced a number of leadership changes to help steer the way for the company's future.

In a press release, Jon D.F. Stanfield says Tom Stanfield, who served as President, Chairman, and CEO for 51 years, remains an honourary director and special advisor after it was announced last year that he would be stepping down.

At that time, Jon Stanfield was appointed as President and CEO of Stanfield’s Limited, just the fifth such appointment in the company's 163-year history.

He says the company has been in transition during the past few years with many changes internally and externally, including disruption on the customer and channel of distribution front as some "long-time customers succumbed to market pressures."

Stanfield says the company has invested in their brand and online marketing, changed and added to their products, and invested in people to help grow on all fronts.

With that in mind, Peter Porteous has been appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Stanfield’s Canada, while Ryan Butcher will become Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Stanfield’s Limited, with both reporting directly to Jon Stanfield.

Porteous was senior Vice-President of Sales and Marketing prior to this announcement, and Butcher currently serves as the Vice-President of Finance.