Tattoo, piercing services to be regulated under new Safe Body Art Act

The Safe Body Art Act will come into effect early next year to regulate services such as tattooing and piercing.

Julie Taylor, owner of Skin Decision tattoo and piercing studios in Halifax and Truro, says, "Having the Safe Body Art Act and regulations in place will help ensure that everyone in our industry is meeting standards for safety."

A Class 1 permit, renewable every ten years, will be required for permanent and mobile facilities at a cost of $195 plus HST.

A Class 2 permit, which can be issued for one to fourteen days, will be needed for facilities at temporary events at a cost of $30 plus HST and is not renewable.

Operators will need to meet standards for infection prevention and records management, which chief medical officer of health Dr. Robert Strang says will give Nova Scotians more confidence that licensed operators are following appropriate steps to prevent the spread of blood-borne diseases like hepatitis B and C.

The Department of Health and Wellness is responsible for the act and regulations, while the Department of Environment is responsible for enforcement.

The act was proclaimed yesterday and the regulations will take effect on February 1st, 2019.