Tensions between Nova Scotia premier, teachers union over alleged program cuts

The relationship between Nova Scotia's governing Liberals and the province's teachers union is once again looking sour after the premier accused the union's president of ``misrepresenting the facts'' about cuts to programs.

Stephen McNeil, fresh from a trip to Europe and China, criticized the union Thursday for alleging cuts to the so-called ``options and opportunities program,'' a co-op program which provides skills and courses to help students choose a career path and post-secondary education.

Paul Wozney, the president of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union has said there's also cuts to guidance, resource and other specialist programs in schools.

However, both McNeil and Education Minister Zach Churchill say while individual schools may be seeing a drop in resources for the ``options and opportunities'' program, overall the funding hasn't been reduced in various programs for specialists in schools.

Both argue the union needs to recognize the Liberal government has added millions of dollars to the education budget since it came into power.

McNeil characterizes the union's stance in regards to facts around the provincial budget as ``not helpful.''