Three 'dry' areas in Nova Scotia to vote on whether to allow liquor sales

It sounds like something from the days of Prohibition, but voters in three parts of Nova Scotia will decide next month whether to allow the sale of alcohol in their communities.

Plebiscites are scheduled for May 8 in districts three and four in Annapolis County and district eight in Colchester County.

(Elections Nova Scotia)

Andy LeBlanc of Elections Nova Scotia says there are about 100 districts in the province still considered "dry."

The question on the plebiscite is: "Are you in favour of the sale of liquor in your municipality in accordance with the Liquor Control Act?"

Each of the three areas have more than 1,000 eligible voters who are over the age of 19 years old.

There have been 40 similar plebiscites across the province over the last 20 years and LeBlanc says most of them approved the sale of alcohol.