Throne speech vote could topple New Brunswick Liberal government Friday

It would appear New Brunswick's Liberal minority government is on the verge of defeat Friday after both the Tory and Peoples's Alliance parties said they'll vote against the government's throne speech.

That would leave Premier Brian Gallant's Liberals without enough support to survive the confidence vote.

The Liberals won just 21 seats in the September election, one fewer than the Tories, while the Greens and People's Alliance each won three seats.

The Greens announced they would vote in favour of the throne speech, but that still leaves the Liberals one vote shy of what they need to secure the confidence of the legislature.

The Liberals included many promises from the platforms of the opposition parties in their throne speech, and even amended the speech earlier this week to add more.

Gallant says if he loses the vote, the Liberals will resign government right away and Tory Leader Blaine Higgs will get the opportunity to form government.