Tony Clement says he was targeted by extortionist after sending sexually explicit images

Conservative MP Tony Clement says he is resigning from some of his duties after sending sexually explicit images and a video of himself to an individual or a party he claims targeted him for the purposes of financial extortion.

Clement says he believed the individual was a consenting female recipient and the RCMP are investigating the matter to determine the identity of the party responsible.

He says he will continue to discharge his duties as an MP but has resigned from his House of Commons committee assignments as well as Conservative shadow minister for justice in order to focus on his personal life and his family.

Clement says in a statement he recognizes he has gone down a wrong path and exercised poor judgment, and he apologizes to his family for the needless pain and humiliation his actions have caused.

He is also extending an apology to his colleagues and constituents for letting them down, and adds he's ``committed to seeking the help and treatment'' he needs in his personal life to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says in a statement he is greatly disappointed with Clement's actions but is encouraged that he has decided to seek help.