Tories launch campaign rally as Nova Scotia waits for election call

Nova Scotia's Tories and New Democrats say the provincial election race is in full swing following a Liberal gaffe suggesting the writ could drop as early as this weekend.

Progressive Conservative leader Jamie Baillie drew laughter Saturday from a crowd at a campaign rally in Dartmouth on Saturday when he mentioned a leaked Liberal campaign video advertising a May 30 election.

Baillie poked fun at the video, which was pulled shortly after it was released Friday, for misspelling the Liberals' slogan.

But the Tory leader went on to flub his own promise to fix an election date for Nova Scotia.

The Opposition leader tried to contrast his "optimistic" vision for Nova Scotia's future with Premier Stephen McNeil's dim view of the province's prospects.

The provincial NDP kicked off its election bid last Sunday, and all eyes are on the governing Liberals to officially pick a poll date.

Nova Scotia is the only province in Canada without a fixed election date.