Tory leader Andrew Scheer talks 'Conservative vision' to local chamber

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer was in Truro Thursday to speak with members of the Truro & Colchester Chamber of Commerce.

He opened the discussion by saying the Conservative Party has "a lot of work to do to regain the trust of voters in Atlantic Canada" and get back some of the seats that were lost in the region during the last federal election. 

Scheer says the party is currently working on its platform and describes the Conservative vision as putting people before the government, keeping taxes low, and reducing red tape to help grow communities, businesses, and create opportunities for the next generation of Canadians. 

He also discussed several other topics including the Carbon Tax, the Energy East pipeline, and working towards a balanced budget before opening the floor up to questions. 

He says the Conservative Party has plans to announce an alternative to Carbon Tax with a focus on offering incentives rather than increases on taxes.

Some of the questions raised asked about the legalization of marijuana, the ship building contract in Halifax, support for small business owners, and how the party intends to win back some of those seats.