Town of Truro seeks sponsorship commitments for road train proposal

The Town of Truro is seeking sponsorship commitments to help bring the proposed Truro Road Train to the community. 

A news release from the town says the financial feasibility of the project depends heavily on business sponsorships, the sale of advertisements, and ridership donations.  

Sponsorships range from the Main Train Sponsor at $7,500/year to Brochure Advertisements at $500/year, with discounted rates for 3 year commitments. 

The Truro Road Train would be similar to the one in Tatamagouche and would operate during peak tourist season, carrying passengers throughout downtown Truro and to Victoria Park. 

The release says the Truro Town Council will consider the financial viability of this project and make a decision on the proposal at their meeting in December. 

If the proposal is successful, the Truro Road Train is expected to run in the 2018 tourist season.  

The full sponsorship package is available on the Town of Truro website.