Truro amending No Smoking Bylaw ahead of recreational cannabis legalization

The Town of Truro is amending its No Smoking Bylaw in light of recreational cannabis legalization later this month.

Under the proposed amendments, introduced during first reading at Monday's town council meeting, the smoking of cannabis would be not be allowed on any town-owned property where cigarette smoking is banned.

That includes all parks, green spaces, trails, outdoor recreation facilities, and parking lots owned and maintained by the town, as well as the civic block, the Colchester Legion Stadium property, and the sidewalks that abut any of those areas.

The proposed amendments would also make the portion of any street, including sidewalks on both sides of the street, that abuts a school property a designated no-smoking area.

Second reading of the bylaw will take place at the November 5th town council meeting.

Recreational cannabis legalization comes into effect October 17th.