Truro council agrees to cost-share RECC dehumidification upgrades

Truro town council has unanimously agreed to cost-share a $532,000 dehumidification upgrade at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre.

But the town says it will only put forward the money if their Colchester County counterparts also approve the project.

The two councils held a joint meeting in December after RECC's board of directors recommended the work.

A study by engineering firm MCW Maricor determined the RECC's current dehumidification systems are ten times under capacity for the size and utilization of the centre.

During Monday's regular town council meeting, Truro CAO Mike Dolter said excessive moisture in the arena during days of higher temperature and humidity creates fog over the ice and condensation on safety panes.

He said that's led to the cancellation of some high-profile events, namely a Halifax Mooseheads game in 2015.

Compounding the issue, Dolter said, is evidence of premature deterioration of systems throughout the building, which could become worse if the problem isn't fixed.

Dolter said as per the terms of an agreement between the town and county, all capital work at the RECC is split 40/60, meaning Truro taxpayers would be on the hook for about $213,000, excluding HST.

Councillors Wayne Talbot and Cathy Hinton both agreed that there's no alternative but to fix the problem, with Talbot noting they have too much invested to let the building deteriorate.

Coun. Tom Chisholm said he believes the problem is a result of "poor planning" when the facility was constructed, but agrees there's no choice but to upgrade the system.

Colchester County council is expected to make its decision on funding for the project at its January meeting.