Truro council passes amendments to No Smoking Bylaw

Amendments to Truro's No Smoking Bylaw have been passed, aimed at tightening up rules amid the legalization of recreational cannabis in October.

The original amendments would have banned smoking of both tobacco and cannabis on all town-owned property and the sidewalks that abut those areas, as well as the portion of any street that abuts a school, including sidewalks on both sides of the street.

Voting on those changes was put on hold in November after concerns were raised by administration at CEC regarding banning students from smoking in front of the school.

The school had argued it was the best place for them to smoke, since it can be supervised, and students are less likely to be late for class than they would be if they had to go further away.

Truro CAO Mike Dolter says he and Police Chief Dave MacNeil had an "excellent discussion" with CEC's principal and staff, and determined the proposal would cause more problems and issues than it would be solving.

To that end, council agreed to a slight amendment to the bylaw changes to eliminate the section which read "A portion of any street, including the sidewalk on both sides of the street, that abuts property on which a public school is located."

Speaking with our newsroom, Dolter says the biggest improvement with the changes is that recreational areas and parks in the town are now non-smoking.