Truro council says 'no' to additional parking on Commercial St

Town of Truro (New)

Truro town council has nixed the idea of adding more parking on Commercial Street.

The idea of additional parking was proposed by members of the business community, due to renovations and expansions in the area, and a potentially higher customer base.

Right now, there is angled parking on the east side of Commercial Street and parallel parking on the west side.

Truro CAO Mike Dolter says adding additional spaces would mean turning the parallel parking on the west side of the street into angled parking, creating roughly 15 additional spaces.

But to make the switch from parallel to angled parking would require using a four-foot wide strip of Victoria Square property.

Some councillors voiced concerns about chipping away at the Victoria Square property, who would pay for the project and problems for tourists with RVs and trailers trying to access the town's visitor information centre.

In the end, a motion of support for a redesign and examination of the cost of adding more angled parking on Commercial Street was defeated at Monday's town council meeting.