Truro deer strategy remains a work in progress

The Town of Truro is still looking to create a strategy to deal with the local deer population.

A summer deer survey last year garnered over 1,700 responses, in addition to a well-attended information session on deer management.

Truro CAO Mike Dolter told council Monday they've received limited support from DNR on creating a strategy, and don't have the expertise in-house.

He says Jason Fox, the town's Director of Planning, is working on a list of qualifications so a consultant can be brought in to build and move forward with a strategy.

Deputy Mayor Tom Chisholm says the message coming out of the survey and information session was to get people to stop feeding the deer, but the fines need some teeth.

He asked whether the province would tie the fines to renewing a driver licences, for example, and Dolter says discussions are ongoing.