Truro, DNR working on solutions to local deer issue

Officials from the Town of Truro and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) met last week to discuss the local deer issue.

In a report to council, CAO Mike Dolter says the two sides were able to set some short and medium term action items.

The first step will be to conduct a population study to try and get a more accurate count of the number of deer in the area, and then look at control options based on the results.

Dolter says the town and DNR are also looking to map the likely routes deer are using in and out of the area and conducting more public education.

He adds that a DNR official stated feeding deer is the worst thing you can do, as the animals can become dependent on that and can't fend for themselves.

Dolter says a few retailers in Truro are also selling deer food, and while it's not illegal to do so, it doesn't "fall in line with our bylaw".