Truro looking to expand tourism opportunities with a road train through the downtown

The Town of Truro is investigating the possibility of a road train to ferry passengers through the downtown and to Victoria Park.

The idea follows the lead of successful operations first in Tatamagouche and also now in Halifax, touting the possible tourism and environmental benefits, and making the downtown more pedestrian friendly.

The proposal would see a road train run from Victoria Day weekend until Thanksgiving weekend from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m.

In a report to council, Chief Administrative Officer Mike Dolter said the single-car train itself is estimated to cost $105,000, with other costs such as insurance, fuel, and signage bringing the startup cost to around $159,000.

Mayor Bill Mills tells our newsroom this is something that's been talked about for many years, but the lack of expertise and cost of potentially custom-building a road train stopped the idea dead in its tracks.

Now that there's a company which builds these road trains, it's up to staff to work with the Downtown Truro Partnership and the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce to see if the business community is all aboard.

Dolter says the road train would have to be self-sustaining, and revenue generators could include advertising and sponsorships, ridership donations, and potentially private rentals.

Council voted to move ahead with the project, which Dolter says will include the creation of a project team and a goal to explore the idea's feasibility by Christmas.