Truro Police break window to help distressed dog left in hot car

Truro Police car

A woman has been given a ticket for violating the Animal Protection Act after leaving her dog inside a locked vehicle during this week's heat and humidity.

Truro Police were called to the Truro Mall parking lot Thursday evening after mall security failed to locate the vehicle owner.

When officers arrived, they found the dog was panting heavily and appeared to be in distress, so they broke the rear window of the car, removed the dog and provided the pooch with water.

After rescuing the dog, officers waited roughly 20 minutes before the owner returned to the vehicle. There's no word on how long the dog may have been in the car before police arrived.

Police say the temperature outside of the vehicle was 32, with the humidex, pointing out it would have been far warmer inside the vehicle, even though the windows were open a crack.

The Truro Police Service is appealing to all pet owners to please ensure you leave your pets at home where they are comfortable and do not leave them in a vehicle.