Truro's Homeless Outreach Society searches for new home

Truro's Homeless Outreach Society might only have a few months to find a new home. 

Secretary Andrea Thompson, who is also a member on the Board of Directors, says The First United Church has given the society an extension to operate within the building until August 31st. 

The society had planned on constructing a new building on 12 Mill Street, which had been given to the charity by the Town of Truro, but Thompson says the costs associated with preparing the land for construction were steep due to the possibility of needing to remove items from the ground and the need to conduct an ecotest. 

She also says the charity simply doesn't have the finances to build a new shelter as they are currently using money from the building fund to cover $4,500 a month in operational costs. 

The board of directors is now planning a series of fundraisers to help move the shelter into a new building, although Thompson says the board will wait until a town hall meeting on Thursday for guidance as to where the shelter can be moved in the community.