Truro satisfied by trial to combat Munroe Street truck traffic issues

The Town of Truro is pleased with the results of a 90-day trial to try and combat long-standing complaints about heavy commercial traffic on Munroe Street.

Trucks had been parking on the street waiting for a lumberyard on CN land to open, creating noise complaints and safety issues for nearby apartment complexes.

The trial, enacted at the end of September, included buying and installing more no parking signs and notifying CN when a driver is ticketed, including their licence plate and delivery time, which hadn't happened before.

The town had notified CN at the time that if nothing changed, the street would have been closed to truck traffic as of February 1st.

In a report to council, CAO Mike Dolter says "the trial demonstrated that trucking could be controlled to the point that parking was no longer an issue on the street", so the ban was not put in place.

He adds, however, that town officials have noted a significant reduction in the activity in the lumberyard, though CN has yet to confirm any operational changes.