Truro tables No Smoking Bylaw amendments after opposition from CEC administration

Amendments to Truro's No Smoking Bylaw have been tabled for another month after concerns were raised by the administration at CEC.

The proposed amendments would ban smoking -- of both tobacco and cannabis -- on all town-owned property, the sidewalks that abut those areas, as well as the portion of any street that abuts a school, including sidewalks on both sides of the street.

In a letter to council, the high school says it is not in favour of banning students from smoking in front of the school.

The administration says it recognizes students smoking on the sidewalk is not a positive image, but argues it is the best place for them to smoke, since it can be supervised and students are less likely to be late for class than they would be if they had to go further away.

CEC says it doesn't condone underage smoking, but can contain it and ensure student safety under the current rules. 

Truro Mayor Bill Mills says officials from the town and the school will be meeting over the next month to discuss the issue.

The No Smoking Bylaw amendments will come back to council at the December meeting.