Truro to allow bow and crossbow hunting of deer again this year


Truro town council has approved a motion to approve opening a designated area of the watershed as part of 2019 regular bow and crossbow season. 

Bow hunting was first opened in the town's watershed last fall, to help reduce urban deer populations, but resulted in very few deer being taken.

Officials say designating an area for bow hunting at this time will give hunters time to plan and scout before the season begins.

Concerns were raised during Monday's discussions about whether a hunt in the watershed would even impact the deer population in town, since many deer are living and reproducing in urban areas.

Director of Public Works, Andrew MacKinnon, told council staff realize hunting deer in the watershed will not affect the current urban deer population in town.

However, MacKinnon says they believe not hunting in the watershed for the past 50, 60 years has contributed to the urban population, and allowing hunting in the watershed may contribute to the future urban deer population.