Truro to help develop economic development strategy for Bolivia municipality

The Town of Truro is continuing to help municipalities abroad through an initiative by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).

Staff are working with the Bolivian Municipality of Pailón develop a local economic development strategy for their community of about 38,000 people.

The municipality is about 50 kilometres east of the city of Santa Cruz on the main highway connecting Bolivia with Brazil.

Jason Fox, Truro’s Director of Planning and Development, says they're honoured to have been once again selected from a number municipal applicants across Canada to participate in the initiative.

Fox received the 2017 FCM Volunteer award for helping with urban planning issues in three missions as part of the Caribbean Local Economic Development (CARILED) program.

Truro has been involved with FCM’s International Programs since 2011.

Roger Anderson, Chair of FCM’s Standing Committee on International Relations, says, "This project is an excellent opportunity to stimulate sustainable economic growth both in Truro and in Pailón."