Truro to look at ways to improve safety at annual Santa Claus Parade

The Town of Truro is looking at what can be done to make the annual Santa Claus Parade safer, following the tragic death of a four-year-old girl in Yarmouth. 

CAO Mike Dolter and staff were authorized by council to speak with the Downtown Truro Partnership and Truro Police about how the parade is conducted and issues like on-street parking. 

Dolter says the parking narrows the roadway and there's a potential for a child or adult to walk out between vehicles and be hit. He says enforcement of on-street parking during the parade was attempted a few years ago. 

Dolter says scheduling should also be considered, with the parade possibly moving back to the daytime in order to improve visibility. He also noted that while candy isn't supposed to be thrown during the Truro parade, it did happen in a few instances this year.

A number of towns and communities are revisiting their parade rules following last month's tragic death of MaCali Cormier. The little girl died after she was run over by a float as Yarmouth's annual Christmas Parade of Lights was drawing to a close.