Truro to permit bow hunting in watershed area starting Monday

Non-motorized archery and crossbow hunting begins in Truro's watershed area Monday.

The town has authorized the non-firearm hunt to see if it will have an impact on reducing the local deer population.

In a release, the town says significant restrictions have been placed on the hunting area, and have excluded trails in Victoria Park.

Hunters must register at the Douglas Street Recreation Centre.

The town says hunters will be granted permission based on a strict list of guidelines to ensure protection of the area and the public, and motorized vehicles will not be allowed to protect the integrity of the watershed.

Detailed mapping and GPS coordinates will be provided for areas open to the hunt.

Hunters are also being asked to report their results to help the town and Department of Lands and Forestry gather data.

Signage will be posted throughout Truro to further education on not feeding deer, and all "likely access points" for hunting will have a sign to both tell hunters they need permission to hunt and to indicate where hunting is not allowed.