Truro to work with the province to develop possible deer hunt plan

The Town of Truro may soon have a plan of action to tackle the issue of deer in and around the municipality.

Council voted 6-1 to have staff work with the Department of Lands and Forestry to develop a multi-year hunt proposal in the outer boundaries of the town to bring the deer population in line with numbers seen in the rest of the local Deer Management Zone.

Mayor Bill Mills says a pellet count was conducted, which identifies area that deer frequent, and it showed there were more in and around the town's boundaries than any other area of Colchester County.

Currently, in-season bow hunting is allowed in the outer boundaries of Truro, as well as areas like the watershed, and the idea is to have the province designate a small group of people who would be allowed to hunt more than one deer in an attempt to try and bring the numbers down.

Mills stresses there would not be any sort of a hunt in the town itself, and council will have a chance to view and debate the proposed plan; likely at next month's regular meeting.

Two other options were presented to council.

The first was to keep doing what they have been, which is continue to educate the public about the dangers of feeding the deer and laying fines for those who do feed them, though it was noted this would do nothing to control the population.

The other was to look at special licensing for a more aggressive hunt if the initial hunting plan didn't achieve the desired results.

The pellet count is expected to continue no matter what council decides so more data on the deer population is available.

Ward 2 Councillor Brian Kinsman was the lone voice on council table to oppose a hunt and council's motion on Monday, saying he doesn't see deer as a huge public risk.

He called for the town to enhance its current path, with further education and enforcement of the no feeding by-law.