Two collisions on Highway 101 close road for several hours

Highway 101 was closed for several hours following two collisions within one hour of each other Monday morning at nearly the same location.

The RCMP say a vehicle pulled out to pass on Highway 101 in Gilbert's Cove as traffic was slowing and struck a car that was turning left, rolling one of the vehicles and sending the other into the ditch.

Police say all occupants were transported to hospital with what are believed to be minor injuries, adding that charges may be pending against one driver.

The other collision happened less than two kilometres away in Ashmore and involved a line of cars waiting due to the road closure caused by the first accident.

The RCMP say a tractor trailer didn't stop in time, causing a chain reaction involving the last three vehicles in the line.

The driver of the first vehicle struck was airlifted to hospital with what police say are serious but non-life-threatening injuries, while the driver of the tractor trailer was served a summary offence ticket for following too closely.