**Update** Medical student's murder trial shown video of initial Halifax police interview

**Updated at 12:42 a.m. Monday, April 24th **

The jury in the first-degree murder trial of William Sandeson is being shown a video of the medical student's first interview with Halifax police, days after Taylor Samson's disappearance.

Police Sgt. Charla Keddy testified that Sandeson was not under suspicion when she met him on the afternoon of Aug. 18th,  two days after Dalhousie University physics student was reported missing.

Keddy told Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury that Sandeson was polite and co-operative while at the police station, and that investigators obtained text messages from his phone.

The 90-minute video shows Sandeson casually dressed in a T-shirt, shorts and ball cap, sitting on a black couch in an interview room at the station.

He told Keddy the last time he saw Samson was Aug. 13th, two days before he was last seen alive, and that he had been introduced to Samson about three weeks earlier for the purpose of buying marijuana from him.

Sandeson told the officer that when they met on Aug. 13th, he didn't like the quality of the marijuana, however Samson later sent a text message to say he had better quality marijuana.