**Update** Murder victim last seen at Sandeson's apartment building, prosecutor tells jury

**Updated on Thursday at 1:27 p.m.**

The jury in the murder trial of medical student William Sandeson heard today that the victim was last seen on video walking down the hallway of Sandeson's apartment building.

Crown attorney Susan MacKay said Taylor Samson had gone there for a drug deal.

She said in her opening address to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court jury that the pair had negotiated the sale of 20 pounds of marijuana for $40,000.

MacKay said Samson left his home and told his girlfriend that he would not be long, but never returned.

She also said Sandeson gave different versions of his encounter with Samson to police.

Sandeson was charged with first-degree murder on Aug. 20, 2015, four days after Samson, a physics student at Dalhousie University, was reported missing.