**Updated** 'Erratic driving' in Enfield leads to stunting charges

**Updated at 4:34 p.m.**

Three men have been charged with stunting after East Hants District RCMP responded to several complaints about unlicenced drivers and vehicles on Highway 2 in Enfield.

Officers spotted a number of ATVs and stock car style race cars on a side street Thursday morning, and say they were forming part of a procession that was headed towards the highway.

Police stopped them and say the drivers were extremely cooperative when they were told ATVs are not permitted on roadways and that stock cars must be licensed and insured prior to driving on the highway.

RCMP say they were guiding the licenced vehicles when around 25 vehicles nearby began squealing tires on the pavement, creating zero visibility and throwing rocks and debris into the air.

Three vehicles were seized, and an attempt to pull over an ATV led to the vehicle driving into oncoming traffic, doing a wheelie, and fleeing the scene.

RCMP say that further charges, including dangerous driving, are expected.