**Updated** Fall enrolment steady at Truro, Pictou NSCC campuses

**Updated at 4:59 p.m.**

Fall enrolment at the NSCC Truro and Pictou campuses is comparable to last year, but the Cumberland Campus has seen a big drop in 2018.

Data released by the college today show a year over year drop of twenty students, as of September 30th, to 756 in Truro.

The Pictou Campus has four more students enrolled this year, for a total of 672, but the Cumberland Campus is down 147 students to 403.

Niki Toomey, Communications Advisor with the NSCC, tells our newsroom that last year's Cumberland Campus count included a number of online students.

She says an eCampus has been created to better support and track online students and their success.

Taking out those students, the drop is just 83 from 2017.

Overall, the NSCC says it met its enrolment goal, with 10,720 students in diploma, advanced diploma and certificate programs.

The NSCC says it's anticipated that 20,000 students will be welcomed in 2018-19 when apprenticeships, continuing education, continuous intake, and customized training is included.