Use of Taser in Lunenburg County arrest justified: SiRT

The Serious Incident Response Team (SiRT) says there are no grounds for charges against two officers who used a Taser during an arrest in Lunenburg County. 

Two officers arrived at a man's home in Pleasantville on June 3rd in response to a 911 call placed by his daughter saying he might be suicidal and hurt himself with a knife. 

SiRT says in a report released on Wednesday the man challenged one of the officers to a fight, moved aggressively toward him, and said the officer would have to use his gun. 

The officer then used his Taser on the man. 

The report says the man fell, which resulted in a non-displaced fracture to a bone in his elbow. 

SiRT says the use of the Taser was appropriate given the circumstances.