Vets, health experts warn of rising number of Lyme disease cases in Nova Scotia

A steady rise in the number of Lyme disease cases is prompting a warning about ticks from health experts.

Dr. Todd Hatchette, chief of microbiology with the Nova Scotia Health Authority, says they are seeing more cases of Lyme disease every year in Nova Scotia and that will likely continue to increase as ticks extend their reach across the province.

The Department of Health and Wellness says there were 701 cases of Lyme disease reported in Nova Scotia between 2002 and 2015.

In 2015, there were 254 reported cases of Lyme disease, an increase from the 115 cases reported in 2014.

Hatchette says it's important for people to protect themselves with tick repellent when heading out into high-risk areas and to check themselves for the small bugs when they return.

A Halifax veterinary clinic says they're also seeing an increasing number of cases of Lyme disease in their four-legged clientele.