Volunteers hold fire safety session in memory of seven Barho children

A group of volunteers came together to offer a session on fire prevention in the wake of a deadly house fire that claimed the lives of seven children.

The event Sunday afternoon at a Halifax-area hotel was presented in both English and Arabic and largely attracted immigrant families.

It was held in memory of the seven Barho children, who died in a house fire in a Halifax suburb last month, just 18 months after their family arrived to Canada as Syrian refugees.

The women behind the event say they were shocked to learn about another Syrian refugee family in Fredericton, who had to flee their burning home on the same day as the funeral for the Barho children.

Nuthaila Rihani, one of the organizers of the Halifax event, says there's a gap in information for newcomers to Canada when it comes to fire prevention.

She says houses in their home countries may be built from less flammable materials, and language barriers may prevent immigrants from accessing the information they need.