Woman ordered to return dog after taking off with pair of pooches post-breakup

A woman who took off with two dogs she had shared with her ex-boyfriend has been ordered to return one of the pooches after a bitter ownership dispute.

Matthew MacDonald told a Nova Scotia small claims court that he purchased the Yorkshire terriers while he was living with his "on-again, off-again'' girlfriend Brittany Pearl in Fort McMurray, Alta., in 2011.

MacDonald testified he had the dogs when the couple split for good last year after returning to Nova Scotia, but he had allowed Pearl to take them for out during a visit last November.

The court heard that Pearl told MacDonald she was taking them to live in her father's home in Alberta.

One expletive laden text message exchanged between the couple was entered as evidence in the small claims trial.

Adjudicator Augustus Richardson ordered Pearl to return one of the dogs to MacDonald, but allowed her to keep the other.