Work on the Dal AC Biomass Thermal Plant Upgrade continues

A second public meeting has been held as the Dalhousie Agricultural Campus continues a $24.2 million upgrade to the Biomass Heating Plant, which has been in use for over 28 years.

Work began in September to replace the aging steam lines with hot water heating distribution lines.

Wednesday's public meeting covered the main plant upgrade, due to begin this summer and run through to the end of next year.

It involves replacing the wood boiler, as well as adding air quality controls and a turbine to create electricity.

The school says the project will create up to 1 megawatt of electricity, use waste heat from electricity production to heat the campus, and will produce 30 per cent less thermal energy by converting the distribution system to hot water.

The plant will require an estimated 20,000 tonnes of biomass per year, which the Agricultural Campus says will be provided by local organizations.