Younger Canadians are far more likely to be vegetarians or vegans: survey

A new survey suggests younger Canadians are far more likely to be vegetarians or vegans than older generations.

The poll, conducted for Dalhousie University professor Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, reported that 7.1 per cent of Canadians consider themselves vegetarians, and 2.3 per cent consider themselves vegans.

The survey also showed people under the age of 35 were three times more likely to consider themselves vegetarians or vegans than people 49 or older.

And in what Charlebois characterized as "mind-blowing," the report also showed that of the Canadians who identified as vegetarians and vegans, more than half were under the age of 35.

Charlebois says vegetarian or vegan levels could go up over the next few decades in Canada because of the high number of young people committing to specialty diets.

He says there are a number of reasons young people are committing to vegetarianism or veganism, including reducing their environmental footprint, concern for animal welfare and concern for their own health.