Youth Health Centre in Digby promotes health and wellness

A new youth health centre at Digby Regional High School is plotting a new model to help teenagers with mental health and health promotion.

In a press release, the government says it committed more than $1 million in 2018 to create a youth health model and the two-year project was a recommendation put forward by the Minister's Panel on Innovation in Mental Health and Addictions.

A new space known as The Hub has been created for the centre and a full-time youth health promoter has been hired.

Erin Todd, Nova Scotia Health Authority's youth health promoter at Digby Regional, says, "we're in the early stages of opening The Hub and it's been an exciting time for the students to help give input on what they want this space to look like and be."

According to the press release, Digby Regional High is the first school in the tri-county area to have a youth health centre and the three other schools involved in the pilot are: Amherst Regional, Glace Bay High and Citadel in Halifax.

The centres work with partners, including the Department of Health and Wellness, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Department of Education and Childhood Development and regional centres for education, to offer students a range of services, including health education, mental health, health promotion, referrals and followup support.

The provincial funding for the investment comes from the Canada-Nova Scotia Home and Community Care and Mental Health and Addiction Services Funding Agreement.