Name That Sound #10 Guesses

October 18

11:40am - Patsy incorrectly guessed "a stapler"

1:40pm - Chantal incorrectly guessed "a egg falling and cracking"

3:40pm - Kelsey incorrectly guessed 'a car door shutting'

October 19th

7:40am - Wanda incorrectly guessed 'hitting a birdie'

9:40am - Kris incorrectly guessed 'automatic car door locks'

11:40am - April incorrectly guessed "something landing in a garbage can"

1:40pm - Wanda incorrectly guessed "dart hitting dart board"

3:40pm - Kelly incorrectly guessed 'an air nailer'

October 20th

7:40am - Emma incorrectly guessed 'an old typewriter key'

9:40am - Kris incorrectly guessed 'flicking a breaker switch'

11:40am - Sandy incorrectly guessed "basketball bouncing"

1:40 pm - Pam incorrectly guessed "a bird hitting the window"

3:40pm - Dave incorrectly guessed 'a record onto a record player'

October 23rd

7:40am - Kathy incorrectly guessed 'a staple gun'

9:40am - Joe incorrectly guessed 'hammer hammering a nail'

11:40am - Candace incorrectly guessed "a handle hitting the side of a pail"

1:40pm - Laura incorrectly guessed "a snap of an elastic"

3:40pm - Chantelle incorrectly guessed 'popping a cork off a bottle'

October 24th

7:40am - Brian incorrectly guessed 'a rock hitting a windsheild' 

9:40am - Denise incorrectly guessed 'flipping a breaker switch'

11:40am - George incorrectly guessed "fastening a seat belt"

1:40pm -  Wayne incorrectly guessed "car door"

3:40pm - Tanya incorrectly guessed 'punching a time clock.'

October 25th

7:40am - Rhonda incorrectly guessed 'throwing a ping pong ball into a red solo cup'

9:40am - Brenda incorrectly guessed 'toaster popping up'

11:40am - Tammy incorrectly guessed "a t-ball bat hitting a ball"

1:40pm - JoAnne incorrectly guessed "hole puncher"

3:40pm - Holly was wrong when she guessed 'a knife'

October 26th

7:40am - Shannon incorrectly guessed 'a suction cup'

9:40am - Patsy incorrectly guessed 'the second hand of a clock'

11:40am - Dennis incorrectly guessed "shutting trunk on car"

1:40pm - Linda incorrectly guessed "taking a pacifier out of a babies mouth"

3:40pm - Dean guessed 'a light switch' and was wrong!

October 27th

7:40am - Doug incorrectly guessed 'a guitar string breaking'

9:40am - Brenda incorrectly guessed 'a jack in the box opening'

11:40am - Jeff incorrectly guessed "water dripping from a tap"

1:40pm - Evan incorrectly guessed "nerf gun"

3:40pm - Kelly incorrectly guessed 'a three ring binder snapping open or closed'

October 30th

7:40am - Peggy incorrectly guessed 'a water balloon breaking'

9:40am - Candace incorrectly guessed 'a lock on a bathroom stall'

11:40am - Kelly incorrectly guessed "cracking a knuckle"

1:40 pm - Margaret incorrectly guessed "a car lighter when it gets hot and comes back out"

3:40pm - Carmen incorrectly guessed 'hitting a golf ball'

October 31st

7:40am - Janelle incorrectly guessed 'a toaster'

9:40am - Stacey incorrectly guessed 'a lever on a pinball machine'

11:40am -  Kristina incorrectly guessed "a price checking gun"

1:40pm -  Shane incorrectly guessed "door hitting a door stopper"

3:40pm -  Josh incorrectly guessed 'something hitting an aluminum can'

November 1st

7:40am - Brandy incorrectly guessed 'closing the hood of a car'

9:40am - Wanda incorrectly guessed 'clicker on a pen'

11:40am - Jessica incorrectly guessed "brief case latch"

1:40PM  - Meagan incorrectly guessed "a marble dropping into a bucket of water"

3:40pm - Dawn incorrectly guessed 'closing a microwave door.'

November 2nd

7:40am - Jared incorrectly guessed 'a coin going into a cash register'

9:40am - Nathan incorrectly guessed 'a can opening' 

11:40am - Alyssa incorrectly guessed "dart hitting dart board"

1:40pm - Shelly incorrectly guessed "chopping wood"

3:40pm - Keith incorrectly guessed 'a bucket or pail catching a drop of water'

November 3rd

7:40am - Roberta incorrectly guessed 'a toggle switch on the radio board'

9:40am - Anna incorrectly guessed 'a single knock on a door'

11:40am - Michael incorrectly guessed "old door knocker"

1:40pm - JoAnne incorrectly guessed "pedestrian light button"

3:40pm - Courtney incorrectly guessed 'a metal tipped arrow hitting a target'

November 6th

7:40am - Sabrina incorrectly guessed 'a binder opening and closing'

9:40am - Sandy incorrectly guessed 'hitting a tennis ball'

11:40am - Steph incorrectly guessed "air soft gun"

1:40pm - Shane incorrectly guessed "the sound the gas pump makes when it shuts off"

3:40pm - Victoria incorrectly guessed "milk crates hitting or falling on each other"

November 7th

7:40am - Darren incorrectly guessed 'turning the flashlight app on on your phone'

9:40am - Joe incorrectly guessed 'a ballpoint pen'

11:40am - Kerry incorrectly guessed "minute hand on a clock"

1:40pm - Monica incorrectly guessed "shooting a paint ball gun"

3:40pm - Christine incorrectly guessed "closing a mailbox"

November 8th

7:40am - Laverne incorrectly guessed 'the lid from a jack-in-the-box'

9:40am - Becca incorrectly guessed 'closing a toilet seat'

11:40am - Darcy incorrectly guessed "something tapping a can"

1:40pm - Christine incorrectly guessed "kicking a ball"

3:40pm - Laureen incorrectly guessed 'an arrow hitting a target'

November 9th

7:40am - Wanda incorrectly guessed 'turning a key in a lock in a door'

9:40am - Michelle incorrectly guessed 'a fly swatter'

11:40am - Shelly incorrectly guessed "piano metronome"

1:40pm - Denita incorrectly guessed "toilet seat closing"

3:40pm - Bridgette incorrectly guessed 'an icicle dripping'

November 10th

7:40am - Karen incorrectly guessed 'a vending machine'

9:40am - Betty incorrectly guessed 'pushing the top down on a marker'

11:40am- Donna incorrectly guesses 'Closing the lid on a Keurig'

Incorrect guesses during the Blitz

Money back from a shopping cart

Flooring nailer

Door of a washing machine closing

Somebody spitting

Locking a safe

Slot machine

Puff of air from the eye doctor test

Automatic door locks on a vehicle

ATM machine

Microwave door closing

Coin in a vending machine

Bow and arrow


Shovel hitting the ground

Bubble gum

Water balloon dropping on the ground

Closing the clasp on a mason jar

Drip falling into an empty pail

Baseball being released in a batting cage

Machine that puffs air into your eyes at the eye doctor

Rice cooker when the rice is done

Computer mouse

Jar being opened

Machine that puts sugar in your coffee at Tim Hortons

When you open a jar of pickles or a jar of beets

Popping a piece of gum out of the plastic wrapper

Popcorn popping

Cassette tape opening

Machine that dispenses tennis balls

A padlock

Someone spitting

A disposable coffee cup falling over

Someone spitting

A mouse trap

Ink stamp

Tupperware container being closed

Judge slamming the gavel

Whoopee cushion

Popping off a paint can lid

Mouse trap closing

Paint can lid or handle

Closing the lid on a Tupperware container

Tipping a red solo cup

Switching on a lamp

Closing the clasp on a change purse

Pushing the start button on a BBQ

Dead bolt opening and closing

Putting something in the garbage bin on a Mac computer

Someone quietly closing a car door

Console in a vehicle closing

Release of a trunk hood or gas cap

Old TV turning off or on

Pogo stick

Centre piece of the game Sorry

Pressing record on an old cassette player

Coin in a piggy bank

Ice being dispensed from an ice making into a cup

A dead starter

A cupboard door closing

Clicking of a mouse

Bean bag hitting the wood in the bean bag toss game

Squeezing the last bit of ketchup out of the bottle

Paper airplane taking a nose dive onto the ground

Opening or closing a mailbox

Someone getting hit with a snowball

Pinball machine

Magnet sticking to a fridge

Popping a cork off a wine bottle

Date stamp

Snapping fingers

Car door closing

Lid on a laptop closing

Binder rings snapping shut

Plucking a loose guitar string

Briefcase latch

Shutting a big hard cover book

Someone spitting their toothpaste into the sink

Glove compartment closing


Flicking the tab on a pop can

A kicker kicking a ball

Switch on flash light

Someone typing on a keyboard

Switch on a rice cooker when the rice is done cooking

Hitting a badminton birdie

Scanner or photo copier being closed

Closing a drawer

Machine at the eye doctors office that gives you a puff of air

Flicking a piece of paper

Pop can in a vending machine

A toaster

Kicking a piece of wood with steel toe boots

Pie in the face

Hanging up the phone

A drum

Gas door on a car

Brad nailer

Flipper thing in the back of a toilet tank

Sugar cube dropping into your coffee

Annoying bottle flip game

Mouse trap

Bubble popper on Trouble

Putting your foot down on a sewing machine

Kids flipping water bottles

Someone who is chewing tobacco and spitting in a can

Car that won't start

Drum stick tapping a snare drum

Dropping mail into a mailbox

Flipping a pancake

Javelin being thrown and sticking in the ground

Pouring ketchup out and it makes the "farting" sound

Banging an ice tray

Flicking the tab on an open can of pop

A cannon


Kettle boiling and the switch flips

Tire popping

Typewriter key

Dishwasher closing

Lid of washer locking or unlocking after a cycle

Drink out a water bottle and the water goes back down

Nut dropping in a tin can

Popping a balloon

Someone stomping in mud

Stubbing your toe

A payphone

Central vac hose

Closing a laptop

Air releasing from a Contigo mug when you push the button

Cassette player when the tape is at the end

Old parking meter expiring

Bug hitting in the windshield

A door knocker

Someone hanging up a hanger on a coat rack

Nerf gun shooting off

Slamming a door

The button on an electric kettle


Opening the seal on a Pringles can

A wrench dropping on cement

A lense cap on a camera

Putting a toothbrush back into a toothbrush holder

The snooze button

Automatic stamp machine

Fastening your seatbelt

Spitting into a tin can

Window closing

Turning the channel on an old TV

A slingshot

Ketchup or mustard coming out of the bottle

Hitting a hi-hat with a drum stick

Pot getting set on a burner

Breaker switch flipping

Manual door locks on a car

Empty bottle from a water fountain

A fly swatter

Snow falling off the roof

Ripping toilet paper off the toilet roll

Closing a metal gym locker

Snap on a lead shank

Hitting a badminton birdie

Someone snapping a towel

Dropping something in the bath tub

An old fridge closing

A mouse trap

Metal pail

A typewriter

A deepfreeze closing

Stamping a passport

A handle hitting the side of a paint can

Mic dropping

Sound your phone makes when you're texting

An old style credit card machine

Paper cutter

Put an old disc into a computer

Cracking an egg

The light going out from the motor of a garage door opener

Hitting a fly with the newspaper

Flick the switch on the power box

A paper towel dispenser

A match striking

A water dispenser from a fridge

A grandfather clock

A ping pong ball

Closing the Keurig

A lego piece snapping together with another one

A pool ball hitting the side of a pool table

Empty glass with ice in it hitting the table

Head hitting the mic

A popcorn kernel popping

A pellet gun

Tupperware lid coming off a Tupperware container

Filing cabinet door closing

Second hand clicking on a clock

A meat cleaver

Fishing hook hitting water

Bow and arrrow hitting a target

Opening a pop can or beer can

Elastic band hitting a piece of paper

Hose off an air compressor

Taping a pen on the corner of a desk

Clothing clip

Coin going into a piggy bank

Putting a toilet puck in

Dropping a fishing hook into a lake

Someone smacking their lips

Axe chopping wood

A paper cutter

Chopping vegetables

Crushing a can

Soup plopping out of a can

A rock hitting a window pane

A can opener

When your turn on the switch on a digital radio

A wet mop flopping on the floor

Badminton racket hitting the shuttlecock

Firing a pellet gun or a BB gun

Pushing or pulling out the thing on your washing machine

Plugging a sink drain

Fridge opening or closing

Plugging in an amp

A tambourine

Popping the plug in a bath tub

Popping a ziploc bag that's full of air

Someone spitting into a spittoon

Clap of your hands

An 8-track tape changing from one track to another

Flicking something metal with your fingernail

BBQ ignitor

Bingo ball machine

On/off switch when using a food dehydrator

Clock ticking

When the garbage lid closes after your take your foot off the pedal


Plastic straw into a plastic lid

Door of a dryer opening and closing

Hanging up the telephone

Opening a chip bag

Sticky hand toy hitting the wall

Filing cabinet opening and closing

Punching on an old time clock

Suction cup coming free

A marble dropping into a bucket

Someone spitting something out of their mouth

Fingernails tapping on a desk or table

Soap dispenser

Someone spitting chew into a cup

Someone throwing a thin rock into a body of water

Child proof lid on a pill bottle

Rice cooker when it's finished

A mirror breaking

Closing a medicine cabinet door

Window closing

Corkscrew pulling out a cork

Popping bubble wrap

Fridge door closing

Typewriter key

Pressing stop on a tape player

Popping a Pringles container

Flap on your central vac

Piece of paper being stamped

Rubber stopper inside the toilet tank

Key lock in a hotel door

Noise an oven makes as it's pre heating

When your signal light clicks off

Tick of a clock

Merchandise gun

A toaster

A cash register


Briefcase opening up

Changing the speed on an oscillating fan

Dart hitting a dart board

Drum stick hitting a snare drum

Electrical breaker turning on

Gas pump lever

Light bulb buring out

Tearing a piece of tape off of a tape dispenser

Pressing or popping the bubble of the board game Trouble

Little trap door on your dishwasher

Snapping a rubber band on a box

Glass going into a dishwasher

Clicker on a crown and anchor

A watermelon

Old TV changing the channel

Hotel safe

Popping a hood on a car

Ping pong being hit by a ping pong paddle

A CD player lid closing

Monday, November 13

7:40am - Sam incorrectly guessed 'a lamp'

9:40am -  Matt incorrectly guessed 'a fly swatter'

11:40am-  Brad incorrectly guesses 'test button on an electrical outlet'

Incorrect guesses during the Blitz

Chipping ice

Chalk line after snapping it

Opening the legs on a manual recliner

Kicking a football

Plugging or unplugging a USB cord

Medicine cabinet door closing

Soldering tool

Red solo cup

Metal clip on a clipboard

Pair of scissors closing

Arrow being released from a bow

Clipping something to a clipboard

Someone shooting a spitball

Windshield wiper hitting the windshield of a car

Hockey puck hitting boards

Snap of your fingers

Closing the mailbox

iPhone locking

Teapot lid

Air freshner dispenser

A coffee pot going into the machine

Snapping of a ruler

Electric stapler

Unlocking desk drawer

Opening or closing a heat register

Turning on a gas range

Bouncing a rubber ball of a wall

Toolbox closing

Start button on your electric fireplace

Magnet making contact with something

A book dropping

Replacing a blade on a disposable razor

Hitting a punching bag

Breaking off a piece of chocolate bar while still in the wrapper

Fly swatter

Horse walking

iPhone ring tone

Gymnasist jumping on a spring board

Hanging up a mop

Can of Tic Tacs

Knee or elbow hitting a wooden door

Smoke detector

Volleyball spike or serve

Bathroom stall door lock

Broken toaster

Going through a Turnstile

A rubber popper

Coffee mug hitting a desk

A tranquilizer dart

Unlatching a briefcase

Golf club hitting a golf ball

Pendulum swining back and forth on a Grandfather clock

Footwear being taking off and hitting the floor

Older car when you put the key in the ingnition and it's dead

BBQ lid closing

Curling iron handle

Somebody slapping a table with their hand

Opening or closing a door on a dishwasher

Magnetic catch on a cabinet

Sealer lid snapping into place

Old cash register

Seatbelt clicking together

Turd falling into a toilet

Metal latch on a suitcase

Thing you pull between the shower and the bath tub

Boxer punching a bag

Cell phone wheny you close the screen on it

String you pull to turn on a light bulb

Closing a suitcase

Opening a bottle with a bottle opener

Toilet lid hitting the toilet

Pong ball hitting a solo cup

Bed spring

Breaker box

Someone taking a photo

A music bath

Opening a can of Pilsbury dough

Hitting the eject button on a tape player

Putting the lid on a cookie jar

Torque wrench

Button on an analog clock

Dart getting thrown into a dart board

Fastening a ski boot

Move the thermostat

Someone dropping their cell phone on a counter

Opening or closing the spout on a go mug

Lid closing on a garbage can

iPhone screen closing

Opening or closing of the central vac canister

Dropping a dog bone on the floor

Snap button on a jacket

Egg white and yolk going into an aluminum bowl

Turn on or off your signal light in your car

Door slamming

Pressing a key on a landline telephone

Monday, Nov 13- Congrats to Joleene she correctly guessed 'a whisk' and WON $2,400