Name That Sound #1 Guesses

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

7:40am - Brianne incorrectly guessed 'A Truck Tailgate'

11:40am - Lionel incorrectly guessed 'a door closing'

3:40pm - Mike incorrectly guessed 'a pinball machine'

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

7:40am - Shelley incorrectly guessed 'a three hole punch'

11:40am - Rose incorrectly guessed ‘a staple gun’

3:40pm - Laura incorrectly guessed 'a door closing'

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

7:40am - Scott incorrectly guessed 'a door unlocking'

11:40am - Bonnie incorrectly guessed 'a pool ball going into the pocket'

3:40pm - Trevor incorrectly guesses 'a car trunk opening'

Friday, May 4th, 2018

7:40am - John incorrectly guessed a “Trunk Latch”

11:40am - Kim incorrectly guessed "a diving board."

3:40pm - Kyle incorrectly guessed "popping a hood"

Monday, May 7th, 2018

7:40am - April incorrectly guessed 'gate closing'

11:40am - Melissa incorrectly guessed "trunk latch opening"

3:40pm - Rose incorrectly guessed 'something falling from a vending machine'

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

7:40am - Jill incorrectly guessed 'a cassette or VCR player'

11:40am - Jesse incorrectly guessed 'a safe or vault unlocking'

3:40pm - Nicole incorrectly guessed 'a door closing'

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

7:40am - Shelley incorrectly guessed 'a stapler'

11:40am - Brenda incorrectly guessed 'hitting a ping pong ball'

3:40pm - Nicole incorrectly guessed 'a swinging kitchen door'

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

7:40am - Rose incorrectly guessed 'a car going over a pothole or speed bump'

11:40am - Anna incorrectly guessed 'ball return in a bowling alley'

3:40pm - Taren incorrectly guessed 'a microwave opening'

Friday, May 11th, 2018

7:40am - Dustin incorrectly guessed 'a pinball machine'

11:40am - Roselia incorrectly guessed 'a locking system on a washing machine'

3:40pm - Rayelene incorrectly guessed 'foosball!'

Monday, May 14th, 2018

7:40am - Heather incorrectly guessed 'a briefcase'

11:40am - Stephanie incorrectly guessed "self-inking stamp"

3:40pm - Vanessa incorrectly guessed 'a car jack'

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018

7:40am - Carol incorrectly guessed 'stepping on an old wooden floor'

11:40am - Trina incorrectly guessed 'a coin slide'

3:40pm - John incorrectly guessed 'a pinball paddle'

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

7:40am - Trent incorrectly guessed 'baseball launcher'

11:40am- Krista incorrectly guessed 'starting a boat'

3:40pm - Tanya incorrectly guessed 'the latch to a heavy duty safe'

Thursday, May 10th, 2018

7:40am - Jackie incorrectly guessed 'cream or sugar dispenser'

11:40am - Marilyn incorrectly guessed 'pushing down on a hood'

3:40pm - Kathy incorrectly guessed 'a jukebox changing records'

Friday, May 18th, 2018

7:40am - Laurie incorrectly guessed 'window wipers'

11:40am - Shirley incorrectly guessed 'opening a beer cap or pop can'

3:40pm - Cam incorrectly guessed 'a wooden paddle in an aluminum boat'

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

7:40am - Donna incorrectly guessed 'A Skeeball at an arcade'

11:40am -  Brad incorrectly guessed 'a doorknocker'

3:40pm - Jen incorretly guessed 'a breaker.'

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018

7:40am - Tom incorrectly guessed "Punching a time clock"

11:40am - Paul incorrectly guessed "Brad Nailer"

3:40pm - Debbie incorrectly guessed "vehicle door opening"

Thursday, May 24th, 2018

7:40am - Melissa incorrectly guessed 'popping a gas tank'

11:40am - Jim incorrectly guessed 'cowboy boots hitting the floor'

3:40pm - Jason incorrectly guessed 'a trunk closing'

Friday, May 25th, 2018

7:40am - Donny incorrectly guessed 'throwing something in a wheelbarrow'

11:40am - Jackie incorrectly guessed 'the bubble pop on the game Trouble'

3:40pm - Austin incorrectly guessed 'wooden clogs'

Monday, May 28th, 2018

7:40am - Edith incorrectly guessed "3-hole punch"

11:40am - Stephen incorrectly guessed "cinder blocks falling into a truck"

3:40pm - Jen incorrectly guessed 'ejecting or putting in beaters in an electric beater'

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

7:40am - Andrea incorrectly guessed "broom handle hitting the floor"

11:40am- Dwight incorrectly guessed 'a turnstyle/carousel gate'

3:40pm - Matt incorrectly guessed 'doors unlocking'

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

7:40am - Shawn incorrectly guessed "CD player changing discs"

11:40am- Jackie incorrectly guessed 'hanging up a phone'

3:40pm - Jen incorrectly guessed 'a people counter'

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

7:40am - Rebecca incorrectly guessed "someone knocking on a door"

11:40am- Will incorrectly guessed 'clay pigeon thrower'

3:40pm - Samantha incorrectly guessed 'the sound of a hand of a grandfather clock'

Friday, June 1st, 2018

7:40am - Chris incorrectly guessed "door handle"

11:40am - Meagan incorrectly guessed "Type Writter"

3:40pm- Simon incorrectly guessed 'exit bar on a door'

Monday, June 4, 2018

7:40am - Deb incorrectly guessed "a keurig machine"

Joanie incorrectly guessed "paper cutter"

Andy incorrectly guessed "manual paper towel dispenser"

Pete incorrectly guessed "clumbsy carpenter dropping a hammer"

Paul incorrectly guessed "manually swiping a credit card"

Jason incorrectly guessed "gears in a clock"

Dennis incorrectly guessed "copier printer"

Ty incorrectly guessed "squeezing a 2L pop bottle"

Christian incorrectly guessed "glove box opening"

Andy incorrectly guessed "walking through a turn sell at a concert"

Ed incorrectly guessed "squeezable ketchup bottle"

Patsy incorrectly guessed "opening or closing a glove box"

Chrisellia incorrectly guessed "hatchback closing"

Debbie incorrectly guessed "locking a dead bolt"

Jordan incorrectly guessed "hairdresser chair getting cranked up"

June incorrectly guessed "broom or mop being hung up on a push hook"

Roseanne incorrectly guessed "two by fours being stacked"

Chris incorrectly guessed "clock"

Dave incorrectly guessed "making a deposit at a bank"

Lori incorrectly guessed "hooking up to a trailer"

Vivian incorrectly guessed "trunk popping open"

Christa incorrectly guessed "bowling pin changer"

Nicole incorrectly guessed "backetball hitting a backboard and hoop"

Brenda incorrectly guessed "clicking a retractable pen"

Todd incorrectly guessed "someone jumping off a diving board"

Carissa incorrectly guessed "dreadfull sound of a time clock machine"

Dylan incorrectly guessed "filing cabinet"

Rosalia incorrectly guessed "pressing and releasing a red solo cup"

Jason incorrectly guessed "turning on a light switch with a pull chain"

Dely incorrectly guessed "opening and closing the console in the Big Dog truck"

Lorena incorrectly guessed "key fob unlocking a car door"

Bill incorrectly guessed "grandfather clock hitting 12"

Dana incorrectly guessed "mailbox makes after you mail a letter"

Sylvia incorrectly guessed "spring door latch closing"

George incorrectly guessed "ice dropping from a ice machine"

Lisa incorrectly guessed "button in the middle of the game Sorry"

Leo incorrectly guessed "someone locking a pad lock"

Cam incorrectly guessed "boat being docked"

Jennifer incorrectly guessed "ticket dispenser in a parking lot when getting a ticket for parking"

Jackie incorrectly guessed "nail air gun"

Loretta incorrectly guessed "squeezing a 4L milk jug"

Mark incorrectly guessed "tailgate latch on a dodge ram"

Cory incorrectly guessed "cooler door closing"

Kevin incorrectly guessed "AED delivering a shock"

Tom incorrectly guessed "loading paper into a copier"

Lori incorrectly guessed "return arm on a record player"

Trina incorrectly guessed "stepping to open a garbage can"

Marcus incorrectly guessed "a mic drop"

Valen incorrectly guessed "pushing a button of a old truck door to get in"

Shelly incorrectly guessed "pulling down on a cloth towel dispenser"

Karen incorrectly guessed "dropping of a baseball bat onto other bats"

Andy incorrectly guessed "spin to win roulette wheel"

Ray incorrectly guessed "camper door closing"

Joy incorrectly guessed "date stamp"

Steven incorrectly guessed "push coins into a pool ball return"

Amanda incorrectly guessed "money falling into a vending machine"

Leanne incorrectly guessed "power door lock in a vehicle"

Nicole incorrectly guessed "vehicle driving over tracks on the road"

Leslie incorrectly guessed "hanging up the nozzel at the gas pump"

Dorio incorrectly guessed "playing shuffle board and it bounces off and hits the backboard"

Loretta incorrectly guessed "8 track player changing tracks"

Chad incorrectly guessed "jukebox switching records"

Tim incorrectly guessed "foot against a metal desk"

Christa incorrectly guessed "wooden golf ball washer"

Wendy incorrectly guessed "bathroom soap dispenser"

Bell incorrectly guessed "Krokino board"

Kelly incorrectly guessed "interior door opening or closing"

Kelly incorrectly guessed "returning a book through the slot at the library"

Nicole incorrectly guessed "vehicle driving over a rumble strip"

Kathy incorrectly guessed "paper towel dispenser pulling the leaver"

Lisa incorrectly guessed "dropping the pool balls in a coin opperated pool table"

Lyndon incorrectly guessed "sliding dead bolt"

Nicky incorrectly guessed "opening a drying machine"

Shelly incorrectly guessed "latch on the bathroom door in a public washroom"

Murray incorrectly guessed "wooden screen door latch"

Trina incorrectly guessed "stepping on a scale at the Dr's office"

Montana incorrectly guessed "pinball machine"

Donna incorrectly guessed "shifting gears in a vehicle"

Ashley incorrectly guessed "unlocking a truck tail gate with a key fob"

Derek incorrectly guessed "stacking lumber"

George incorrectly guessed "closing a wooden cupboard door"

Ben incorrectly guessed "3 ring hole punch"

Sharon incorrectly guessed "starting a BBQ"

Katie incorrectly guessed "stamping machine at the bank"

Albert incorrectly guessed "traffic light changer"

Sherry incorrectly guessed "resetting of the game Perfection"

Margaret incorrectly guessed "golf ball hitting into the cup"

Montana incorrectly guessed "punch out clock"

Lisa incorrectly guessed "setting down your coffee mug"

Stacey incorrectly guessed "office chair going down"

Dennis incorrectly guessed "extention ladder"

Bev incorrectly guessed "changing the gear shift in the car"

Brenda incorrectly guessed "pushing the button on a garage door opener"

Lana incorrectly guessed "signal light"

Bryan incorrectly guessed "axe splitting a block of wood"

Nicole incorrectly guessed "drawer of a printer going in and out"

Diana incorrectly guessed "releasing the button of the trunk"

Judy incorrectly guessed "ladder locking in place"

Ken incorrectly guessed "putting a cookie sheet on a baking rack"

Delores incorrectly guessed "dresser drawer"

Brenda incorrectly guessed "horse hooves"

Jessica incorrectly guessed "dead bolt locking a door"

Ty incorrectly guessed "old style lever punch clock"

Ian incorrectly guessed "wooden mop handle hitting the floor"

Samantha incorrectly guessed "old school slide projector"

Trina incorrectly guessed "car starter"

Tara incorrectly guessed "when the gas nozzel clicks off when the tank is full"

Pete incorrectly guessed "locking on a trailer hitch"

Dallas incorrectly guessed "magetic cabinet opening and closing"

Jordan incorrectly guessed "two portions of a dock being moved by water and hitting each other"

Dorothy incorrectly guessed "unlocking and locking a door knob with a key"

Evelyn incorrectly guessed "clipboard"

Tracy incorrectly guessed "vehicle driving over rumble strips"

Dylan incorrectly guessed "opening a car door handle and letting it go"

Brenda incorrectly guessed "vehicle going over a cattle guard"

Ashley incorrectly guessed "pushing a cross walk button"

Troy incorrectly guessed "old wooden screen door closing"

Craig incorrectly guessed "program button on an 8 track deck"

Loraine incorrectly guessed "step on garbage can"

Crista incorrectly guessed "opening and closing a wooden bird feeder"

Brad incorrectly guessed "lock on a porta potty"

Ray incorrectly guessed "popping the hood on the Big Dog ram"

Kathy incorrectly guessed "professional dance machine"

Dave incorrectly guessed "putting machine"

Rose incorrectly guessed "pressing the ignite button on a BBQ"

Marlen incorrectly guessed "Keurig machine closing"

Stephanie incorrectly guessed "kettle turning on and off"

Sam incorrectly guessed "push latch on a cabinet door"

Lorna incorrectly guessed "lever of a Keurig coffee machine"

Tracy incorrectly guessed "gears in a clock"

Wayne incorrectly guessed "a stapler"

Kevin incorrectly guessed "opening an overhead bin in an airplane"

Kathy incorrectly guessed "pushing the button on a CD Rom"

Lana incorrectly guessed "door knob locking"

Sam incorrectly guessed "closing a dishwasher"

Mike incorrectly guessed "one arm slot machine"

Angela incorrectly guessed "binding machine"

Chris incorrectly guessed "tailgate being opened on a truck"

Rosa incorrectly guessed "opening the hood on a car"

Randy incorrectly guessed "pull the lever to pop the emergency break"

Sharon incorrectly guessed "washing machine unlocks"

Kimberly incorrectly guessed "ball return of a coin opperated pool table"

Debbie incorrectly guessed "outside gate latch closing"

Shirley incorrectly guessed "night deposit box at the bank"

Vanessa incorrectly guessed "step on garbage can"

Deon incorrectly guessed "opening a tool box"

Britany incorrectly guessed "knocking on a watermelon"

Jennifer incorrectly guessed "side door of a mini van opening"

Suzanne incorrectly guessed "filing cabinet closing and locking"

Diane incorrectly guessed "opening and closing a dead bolt"

Samantha incorrectly guessed "not being able to start a gas lawn mower"

Barb incorrectly guessed "rear window hatch on an SUV being opened"

Joanne incorrectly guessed "opening a walkman casette player"

Joe incorrectly guessed "vehicle going over train tracks"

Kelly incorrectly guessed "retuning a book to the library through the slot"

Jan incorrectly guessed "punching a ticket at a parkade"

Trisha incorrectly guessed "pop up drain"

Jen incorrectly guessed "a door being unlocked with a key"

Shelley incorrectly guessed "when you tip a chair and it lands back on the floor"

Hayden incorrectly guessed "bubble you pop when playing a board game"

Scott incorrectly guessed "gas pump stopping"

Austin incorrectly guessed "can opener"

Marcus incorrectly guessed "running over road kill"

Carrie-anne incorrectly guessed "BBQ lid"

Brad incorrectly guessed "lighter"

Ray incorrectly guessed "sitting on the hood of a car"

Gayla incorrectly guessed "electric start button on a BBQ"

Teigan incorrectly guessed "bowling ball coming up the ramp"

Carla incorrectly guessed "pop up tub drain stopper"

Jim incorrectly guessed "walk light button"

Bernadette incorrectly guessed "tap shoe tapping"

Laura incorrectly guessed "power door locks locking and unlocking"

Kelly incorrectly guessed "old cigarette vending machine"

Lash incorrectly guessed "safe lock"

Lyndon incorrectly guessed "flipper of a pinball machine"

Simon incorrectly guessed "jukebox"

Jackie incorrectly guessed "plugging something into a wall outlet"

Trina incorrectly guessed "swinging of a garbage can lid"

Pam incorrectly guessed "pulling paper towel out of a dispenser"

Dee incorrectly guessed "old time jukebox when a record drops"

Leanne incorrectly guessed "antique cash register"

Christina incorrectly guessed "a VLT handle"

Nicole incorrectly guessed "gumball dispenser"

Cameron incorrectly guessed "throwing a cooler into a trunk bed"

Wendy incorrectly guessed "putting a VCR tape into a VCR"

Hannah incorrectly guessed "shooting a BB gun"

Tenille incorrectly guessed "a dryer door opening and closing"

Dely incorrectly guessed "push button on a microwave"

Patsy incorrectly guessed "a seatbelt"

Landon incorrectly guessed "hail hitting a car"

Vicky incorrectly guessed "oven door"

Chris incorrectly guessed "popping the hatch on a car"

Simon incorrectly guessed "door handle of a 50's fridge"

Linda incorrectly guessed "shower door closing"

Cara incorrectly guessed "handing up a landline phone"

Ryan incorrectly guessed "a sheet metal press"

Mike incorrectly guessed "second hand on a grandfather clock"

Shirley incorrectly guessed "a toilet being flushed"

Lori incorrectly guessed "office desk drawer"

Dylan incorrectly guessed "trunk lock"

Darla incorrectly guessed "tailgate on the Big Dog truck"

Kim incorrectly guessed "old wooden teeter totter hitting the ground"

Louise incorrectly guessed "driving over a man hole"

Rhonda incorrectly guessed "walking across the floor with shoes on"

Lorna incorrectly guessed "button to pop the trunk open"

Mark incorrectly guessed "walk in cooler door handle opening or closing"

Mike incorrectly guessed "pendelum on the piano"

Judy incorrectly guessed "elevator door"

Joy incorrectly guessed "turning off or on a microphone"

Tyson incorrectly guessed "electric stapler"

Cameron incorrectly guessed "revolving door"

Laura incorrectly guessed "fence gate latching"

Leo incorrectly guessed "exit door"

Megan incorrectly guessed "wooden rocking chair"

Karen incorrectly guessed "bar click when walking through a gate"

Dylan incorrectly guessed "pulling paper towel from a dispenser"

Sherrie incorrectly guessed "placing a coffee cup on a wooden table"

Brenda incorrectly guessed "squeezing a tin can"

Maggie incorrectly guessed "one arm slot machine"

Lisa incorrectly guessed "putting coins in a parking meter"

Stacey incorrectly guessed "screen door closing"

Verna incorrectly guessed "putting glass tray back in a microwave"

Jwanita incorrectly guessed "loading a gun"

Kayla incorrectly guessed "slap chop"

Roxanne incorrectly guessed "a jack in the box popping open"

Brenda incorrectly guessed "old radio"

Lynn incorrectly guessed "heavy duty stapler"

Beth incorrectly guessed "cutting a melon on a cutting board"

Jason incorrectly guessed "hooking up a trailer"

Kelly incorrectly guessed "soda pop vending machine"

Briana incorrectly guessed "drawer closing"

Joy incorrectly guessed "cocking a gun"

Nathan incorrectly guessed "closing a trunk"

Cathy incorrectly guessed "playing foosball and knockin the ball in"

Kalen incorrectly guessed "balls being released from a pool table"

Lisa incorrectly guessed "taking a screenshot"

Paulina incorrectly guessed "overhead bin in an airplane"

Louis incorrectly guessed "skeet shooter"

Chelsea incorrectly guessed "popping the hood"

Verna incorrectly guessed "toilet paper holder being put back"

Lisa incorrectly guessed "setting a pot down on a glass top stove"

Oden incorrectly guessed "guitar pick stuck inside a guitar"

Britney incorrectly guessed "microwave door opening"

Grant incorrectly guessed "paper cutting board"

Wes incorrectly guessed "plastic bottle being dispensed from a vending machine"

Crista incorrectly guessed "pulling out a Murphy's bed"

Candace incorrectly guessed "baseball hitting a car"

Lori incorrectly guessed "tye downs on a flatbed truck"

Chris incorrectly guessed "pin ball power bumper"

Marie incorrectly guessed "popper on the game Trouble"

John incorrectly guessed "over door closing or opening"

Paul incorrectly guessed "highschool locker closing"

Tyler incorrectly guessed "locking or unlocking the roof of a convertable"

Zack incorrectly guessed "ball falling in a wooden labrinth game"

Luke incorrectly guessed "changing the picture on a Viewmaster toy"

Cindy incorrectly guessed "getting ice from a ice machine"

Shanon incorrectly guessed "tennis ball launcher"

Steven incorrectly guessed "tieing a strap on a flat bed truck"

Cindy incorrectly guessed "boot hitting a wall"

Donna incorrectly guessed "pumping a jack"

Carol incorrectly guessed "safe door locking"

Steve incorrectly guessed "spring diving board"

Cheryl incorrectly guessed "closing the hood of a vehicle"

Leanne incorrectly guessed "opening or closing of a tub plug"

Christina incorrectly guessed "handicapped button to open a door"

Brad incorrectly guessed "freezer drawer closing"

Mathew incorrectly guessed "sunroof"

Donna incorrectly guessed "manual credit card machine sliding"

Lori incorrectly guessed "latch on a display case"

Carey incorrectly guessed "dropping a wooden pallette"

Carly incorrectly guessed "pedestian sign on a crosswalk"

Sherry incorrectly guessed "bank teller stamp"

Dely incorrectly guessed "hanging up the hand reciever of a phone"

Amanda incorrectly guessed "pluging in your headphones"

Alexis incorrectly guessed "shuffle board"

Kaitlyn incorrectly guessed "pressing unlock on a car when already unlocked"

Taylor incorrectly guessed "pool ball return"

Kaitlyn incorrectly guessed "bumper cars"

Nick incorrectly guessed "automatic locks on a car"

Bonnie incorrectly guessed "putting a seal on paper"

Jill incorrectly guessed "car shifting gears"

Steve incorrectly guessed "squeezing a 2L pop bottle"

Shirley incorrectly guessed "jars popping from canning"

Trina incorrectly guessed "door handle on a vehicle"

Wanda incorrectly guessed "windshield wipers"

Darlene incorrectly guessed "pulling a towel in a washroom"

Lillian incorrectly guessed "closing the door on an airplane"

Tara incorrectly guessed "opening a microwave"

Cara incorrectly guessed "bi-fold closet doors closing"

Jordan incorrectly guessed "cash register"

Norm incorrectly guessed "bar on a fair ride getting locked down"

Teresa incorrectly guessed "school bus door"

Tyler incorrectly guessed "opening the trunk of a car with a remote"

Derek incorrectly guessed "unlocking a car door"

Ken incorrectly guessed "jumping on a trampoline"

Paul incorrectly guessed "gas door unlocking"

Matt incorrectly guessed "adjustable car seat"

Lisa incorrectly guessed "drain plug from a bath tub"

Annette incorrectly guessed "locking a car door with a fob"

Sherry incorrectly guessed "locking latch on an oven"

Kyle incorrectly guessed "plunger on a pin ball machine"

Verna incorrectly guessed "putting a leaf in a table"

Corey incorrectly guessed "moving truck gate latch"

Tyler incorrectly guessed "dead bolt lock"

Jennifer incorrectly guessed "over door hitting the rack when closing"

Lisa incorrectly guessed "button for automatic door opener"

Chris incorrectly guessed "hour hand on a clock"

Andrew incorrectly guessed "pushing a reclining chair in"

Gerry incorrectly guessed "CD player changing CDs"

Calvin incorrectly guessed "revolving door"

Lillian incorrectly guessed "ice falling in the ice bucket"

Roxanne incorrectly guessed "dropping a knife on a cutting board"

Judy incorrectly guessed "balcony window sliding"

Barbara incorrectly guessed "paper towel dispenser"

Jan incorrectly guessed "air hockey puck scoring"

Tracy incorrectly guessed "pin ball flipper"

Jenny incorrectly guessed "starting a BBQ"

Jill incorrectly guessed "push down adress stamp"

Corey incorrectly guessed "safety latches on a car lift"

Shawn incorrectly guessed "paddle on a ping pong machine"

Katie incorrectly guessed "grandfather clock"

Shirley incorrectly guessed "cieling fan pull"

Aliesha incorrectly guessed "bottle capper"

Bill incorrectly guessed "running a pool ball into the corner pocket"

Betty incorrectly guessed "clicker on a pen"

Loretta incorrectly guessed "office photocopier/printer"

Eye Center incorrectly guessed "signal light"

Derek incorrectly guessed "diving board"

Jeremiah incorrectly guessed "dent being pulled"

Jenna incorrectly guessed "Staple's easy button"

Jackie incorrectly guessed "bank door's being locked"

Linda incorrectly guessed "needle on a sewing machine going up and down"

April incorrectly guessed "glass being placed on a glass table"

Lindsay incorrectly guessed "Hungry Hungry Hippo's"

Shelby incorrectly guessed "quad shifting gears"

Tony incorrectly guessed "croquet set"

Kayla incorrectly guessed "button on a slide progector"

Vincent incorrectly guessed "craft hole punch"

Cassandra CORRECTLY guessed 'releasing a hood latch' and WON!!!

Pot: Is now locked at $3300