Are They Or Aren't They?

Did you catch the steamy performace of "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper during the Academy Awards?  If you didn't, chances are you heard about it.  It is likely one of the most talked about things from the Oscars this year.

It was steamy, sexy, and it has now encouraged the public to wonder if they are actually an item and even has some people encouraging them to hook up, despite the fact Cooper has a girlfriend.

From the moment I started seeing these comments on social media, I was bothered.  Why on Earth would the general public wish and hope for these two to get together.  As movie characters, sure, but as REAL PEOPLE you are wishing for the destruction of a family. 

Click HERE for an article that hits the nail on the head.

Perhaps Gaga and Cooper should have won Best Actress and Best Actor Awards. They are, after all, acting, and their performance was (obviously) believable.

Even Gaga admits it was a performance calling social media 'the toilet of the internet.'