Cold Weather Words to Get You Through Winter

  Mental Floss has compiled a list of words that will help you describe things this winter. Here are 10 of them

  1. Ice-legs. If sea-legs are a person’s ability to walk safely around a ship at sea, then ice-legs are the wintertime equivalent.
  2. Crule. This means to shiver with cold—or to crouch by a fire to warm up.
  3. Meggle. This is an old Scots word meaning "to trudge laboriously through mud or snow."
  4. Aquabob. An 18th-century word for an icicle. 
  5. Snow-bones. They’re the lines of snow or ice left at the sides of roads after the rest of the snow has melted. 
  6. Moble. To moble is to wrap up your head with a hood. 
  7. Mufflements. An old Lancashire dialect word for thick, warm, insulating clothes. 
  8. Hapwarm. This is an 18th-century dialect word for a heavy, all-covering item of clothing, worn to keep in the heat and keep out the cold.
  9. Hogamadog. When you roll a snowball through a field of snow and it slowly gets bigger and bigger. 
  10. Moorkavie. Probably derived from an old Norse word, kave, meaning “a heavy snowfall or shower of rain,” moorkaavie is a Scots dialect word for a blinding snowstorm.

Go ahead and give them a try this week!