Cow Cuddling - The New Way to De-Stress

When I think of ways to relax, de-stress, and improve my health I never imagined Cuddling a Cow would be a way to achieve all of that.  It turns out that Cow Cuddling may be the hottest new wellness trend.  Studies show that humans can reduce stress levels by interacting with animals, which is why new therapy trends like Goat Yoga, Cat Yoga, Bunny Yoga, and other animal involved activities have become so popular.   Yoga with a cow might be a little tricky, so cuddling with them is the next best thing.  Cows have a higher body temperature and lower heart rate than humans which is why cuddling a cow is said to be so relaxing.  Cow Cuddling is also said to bring healing, awareness, comfort, and mindfulness.  It can also help with building assertiveness, confidence, and overcoming fear.  Cow Cuddling isn’t cheap as some New York area farms are charging up to $300 for a 90-minute cuddle.  I can’t say yet if I would try Cow Cuddling as I have never looked at cows as being cuddly.  I think I will try to talk Chase from Big Dog Mornings to try Cow Cuddling first before I give it a shot…. Perfect timing with Agribition just around the corner.   

Cow Cuddling

Steve Mazich