Grocery store accidentally left open on Family Day- No chaos Ensues

Family Day Monday a grocery store in Kingston was left open. They were supposed to lock the doors at 9pm the night before- but someone forgot to turn the deadbolt.

That left the store completely unsupervised for almost the entire day.

But in the most Canadian turn of events ever- no one stole anything. About 12 people went through the store- but after a while, most realized that there was no staff so they put things back and left.

Those people who DID do their shopping made sure to pay.

One woman picked up all of her groceries, left a detailed list of what she took, and left it at the till. She then WENT BACK the next day and paid for it all in full!

Another customer took two packs of cherry tomatoes- but left $5 on the counter to pay for them.

Someone did call a manager around 4:30pm who came and locked the door. The store says absolutely nothing was stolen during the error.

Faith in Humanity is still there!