Pleasant Dreams!

Want to turn your home into a real house of horrors? Ambesonne, an online retailer of textiles and home décor, is ready to turn your drab space into a murder scene thanks to a line of bloodstain-print housewares. The products, available for sale on Ambesonne’s website include duvet cover sets, shower curtains, tablecloths and placemats — all with terrifying imagery.

One duvet cover set, priced from $99, shows red blood splatter across a stark white base that’s repeated in the pillowcase design. Another duvet cover set, also priced from $99, displays a bloody handprint with the word “REVENGE” scrawled in blood-dripping letters. Even worse, another set has the word “HELP” displayed in a similarly unsettling, style. That, too, sets you back at least $99.

A representative for Ambesonne tells The Post these pieces are all part of keeping up with “the future.” “People want to have images that [are] straight out of a thriller,” says a company rep who didn’t provide their name. “This is a new trend among the people who want to decorate their house on occasion.”