The Most Impossible Grocery List

This is one way to deal with your frustration. Karen Alpert runs the parenting blog Baby Sideburns and recently revealed she was annoyed with her husband for lying on the couch while she was busy all morning. So to take revenge she sent him to the store with a fake shopping list that included items like "organic Pop-Tarts" and "unsour cream," and turned off her phone. She posted her full list on Facebook and it understandably garnered some appreciative comments. She didn't share what ended up happening.

Baby Sideburns Facebook

I think most men would not be phased. They would buy 2 per cent milk (close enough), strawberries (seeds are good for you), no hummus (don't know what it is), Cheeze- it's (because they taste better), sour cream (you can unsour it yourself), Diet Coke (I'm not asking), yellow cheese (again close enough), Pop Tarts, (the real brand does not make organic ones), 12 pack of beer (I need something to drink while I lay on the couch).

Either way this is pretty creative and funny!!