Weekend Movie Review - Venom & A Star is Born




- Jumps right into the story
- Amazing CGI
- Tom Hardy was great fighting with the ‘Venom’ personality
- Not comic book accurate offering some comedy and options
- Post-credit scenes make me excited for the next movie
- Doesn’t have Spiderman

- Villian is terrible
- Love story is blah
- The script is not a Oscar-winner by any means
- Car chase scene in San Fran? Lol k.
- Some super cheesy moments that take you out of the movie magic
- Doesn’t have spiderman

TL;DR: Go in with low expectations and plan to see an action movie; Tuesday night cheap movie for sure.
3/5 Stars

A Star is Born

A Star is Born


- Bradley Cooper is an amazing singer
- Nowhere close to the original(s) so it’s not as cheesy
- Oscar worthy performances from both lead characters
- A rollercoaster relationship that you don’t want to get off
- You will cry and it will be the saddest yet most fulfilling cry ever

- Hard to look at Gaga as the character at first
- Cliché ‘I don’t wanna change’ moment from Gaga… and she does
- Chemistry falls flat when the characters aren’t on stage together
- Weird blackout hangovers from Cooper
- You will cry 

TL;DR: The soundtrack will get stuck in your head; a must-see in theaters Oscar worthy movie.
4/5 Stars