• Win a $25 McDonald's gift card

    Listen to Josh all week from 2-6 for your chance to win $25 McDonald's gift card and enjoy the new menu items as soon as possible!
  • Wing's Live Bait and Tackle

    All week listen to BOB Mornings with Brock Tufts for your chance to win a $25 Wing’s Live Bait and Tackle gift certificate.
  • Text-to-Win Wednesday’s

    If you like pizza and pasta we have the contest for you! This Wednesday is a Text-to-Win Wednesday, and you could win a $250 gift card to Tata’s House of Pizza and Pasta in Brockville.
  • Royal Hats Explained

    A royal wedding is always a big deal but why do they wear so many hats? Well, find out with this video!
  • Stretchy Cat Stretches

    We can't see what's so interesting but it must be SUPER interesting to this cat. Next level neck flexibility!
  • Wonders of the Sea

    There are some strange things living under the sea and this has to be one of the weirdest and prettiest...
  • Cool Pool Tricks!

    Most of them are probably not super useful to win a game of pool but they'll make you the star of the party!