Liam Gallagher Opens Up About Childhood

Liam Gallagher has opened up about his childhood and his abusive father.

The former Oasis frontman sat down with The Telegraph and revealed details about growing up and how his mother took him and his brothers out of a negative family environment.

“I was about seven when my mam left my dad. He was out all the time, fighting, beating my mam up, beating Noel and Paul up. Never touched me, though. Then, one night, while he was out, my mam got her brothers round, got all our gear in a truck, left him a mattress, and we went off to our new house” said Gallagher.

“It was immediately better for all of us … I was always out playing football, load of energy, never depressed, not a loner, just rounding up the troops … let’s go and have a bit of mischief. Always chasing the girls – but once you got ’em, I was like, ‘I’d rather go out with the lads.’”

After the family’s move, Gallagher recalled times where his father would continue to wreak havoc.

“I missed my mates: we’d only moved up the road but I couldn’t go back round that area because he was always around. If I was wagging school I’d see him. I’d be stood there, having a cigarette with my mates, he’d spot us, start chasing us, shouting, ‘Where have you gone, you bastard?’ Because he didn’t know where we’d moved to. I’d always outrun him.”

When asked about what his younger self would make of his life today, the rock singer replied: “My 16-year-old self imagined being in a band exactly as it is for me now. Music has never ever failed me once. It’s everything I imagined it to be. Even when it was particularly bad with me and Noel at the end of Oasis, it was still better than digging holes. The young me would not have been shocked at how it’s turned out. I think big, man, all the time. The young me would probably go: ‘Yeah, mate, should have been a bit bigger.’”

Gallagher recently admitted that he wanted to reform Oasis, however his brother Noel was reportedly against the idea.

The newly solo rock singer released his debut album As You Were back in October, and is gearing up to tour the U.K. and Europe from February to August.